EGYENLÖSÉG, a political weekly newspaper, its title meaning "Equality," which was published in the Hungarian language in Budapest from 1881. The official mouthpiece of the Neolog (non-Orthodox) sector of Hungarian Jewry, it circulated among Hungarian Jewry as a whole. Its founder was Moritz Bogdányi, who published daily editions during the proceedings of the Tiszaeszlár blood libel trial of 1882–83. miksa szabolcsi headed the editorial staff from 1884, later becoming its owner, and after the Tiszaeszlár trial took up the struggle anew for religious equality of the Jews of Hungary. Some of the best-known Hungarian Jewish writers were among its contributors, such as adolf agai , hugo ignotus , József Kiss , Tamás Kóbor , emil makai , and Péter Ujvári. The declared policy of the paper was assimilationist, aiming at moderate religious reform but complete integration in the life of the state. With the appearance of organized Zionism, the paper took up an anti-Zionist stand. After the death of Miksa Szabolcsi in 1915, his son Lajos Szabolcsi edited the paper and took a bold stand against the "numerus clausus" and the excesses of the "White Terror" after the revolution of 1918–19. The paper was banned in 1938. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Magyar Zsidó Lexikon (1929), 213–4. (Baruch Yaron)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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